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The G Spot

Geds passion for the whole mixing culture was ignited back in December 1982 / 83, after hearing Greg Wilsons end of year mixes, which aired on Mike Shafts Piccadilly Radio Show "T.C.O.B" (Taking Care of Business).

When asked Geds says, "listening to those mixes now (which I often do), they dont sound that impressive, in fact I'm sure most of todays youth would wonder what all the fuss was about, but at the time it was to lead the way, for many to follow. If you are in the know, then youll know that Greg Wilson is a Legend, if not, then its time you did your homework".

Soon after hearing Gregs work Ged was lucky enough to bump into Chad Jackson, who was starting to make his own waves in mixing history.

At the time (1983) Chad was the resident DJ at the Dance Factory in Bolton, and it was here, after many pints or larger and pestering, that he was to teach Ged the fundamentals of mixing.

Soon after Chad moved on to the Hacienda, along with taking over from Greg on the end of year mixes for Mike Shaft, doing the Best of 1984 and Best of 85.

In 1987 Chad won the DMC World Mixing Championships, and in 1990 he released Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked) which went to number 3 in the UK charts.

At the beginning of 1984 Ged purchased a set of SL1210s, and set about learning how to use them. Looking back, Ged says "it's hard to believe now, but I was one of the few people that owned a set of Techniques, in the Bolton area. In fact once the word got out, most Sunday afternoons, you would find most of the Bolton Youth crammed into my bedroom, trying to outdo each other on the Wheels of Steel, much to the annoyance of the neighbours".

In 1986, and for the record, Mike Shaft did his own end of year mix, there after he handed it to Duncan Smith who did the Best of 87, Best of 88 and the Best of the Decade (89).

In 1989 Ged met and became friends with Duncan who was working for Sunset Radio. Duncan furthered his education in mixing, by teaching him how to use a Sampler (remember the good old days of the Akai S900, thirty second sample and be happy with it), sequencer, along with how to edit on the trusted Reel too Reel.

During 1991, Duncan asked Ged to put together a few mixes for his show Midnight Mix, Which lead to doing end of year mixes (1991 & 1992) for The Dream Team Show, which Duncan co presented with Steve Quirk on Sunset.

To sum up Ged says "Did I become a super star DJ? Far from it, I was just a young lad, who was lucky enough to meet and learn from my heroes".

Here you'll find, as Ged puts it his humble offerings. He says "Ill grant you, not great in today or even yesterdays terms (the talent out there is, and always has been unbelievable). But, if these mixes give the people, more than five minutes of joy, then Ill be a very, very happy man, and the joy is what its about",.

You can now catch Ged along with Steve King with the Soulful Sounds Live Show @ Starpoint Radio every Sunday night 20:00 till 22:00 GMT


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